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I've always said that writing stories for me is like a bag of Skittles...I want to taste the rainbow. I love writing! I have so many stories I want to tell, and I can't wait to share them all with you. Here are some of my current works in progress:

Contemporary Romance/New Adult

Title: Whatever It Takes
Progress: Finishing Touches

Synopsis: A gritty New Adult story about the pain of losing someone, coping, and finding yourself after you feel all but lost.

Backstory: I began writing this when I was in high school. It was a great way for me to cope with the happenings in my messy life-boys, parents, puberty, etc. "Reilly" was it's original title, and therefore my working title as I finish revising, editing, revising again...

This was my first finished manuscript, so I wanted to revisit it after all these years, delving deeper into my characters and pushing myself to write something a little more real to life than anything I've written in the past. Of course, all while still having the brooding, fun and quirky characters I love so well.

This will be book one in at least a three book series.

Release: 2016

Historical/Adventure Romance

Wrecked, Book One
Working Title: Wrecked
Progress: 50% written

Synopsis: New adult, historical romance that takes place in 1800s England and uncharted isles off the coast of America.

Stranded on an island with no way to send word, two characters who have been pitted against one another since the first time they met ten years ago must learn the hardships of life away from crystal chandeliers and dinner parties. Death, danger, and primal instincts blur the lines of propriety as Will and Anna fight just to stay alive…and to understand what their hearts truly desire.

Backstory: I love British history--it was my focus in grad school--and I love reading historical fiction. I wanted to write a fun, coming of age story filled with adventure, idealistic romance, and explore what would happen if the world was turned upside down in an era when women weren't allowed to show their ankles and everyone was expected to say the "proper" thing.

I’m stoked about this story—the research, developing new, insecure characters, and exploring all that comes with writing a new adult, historical romance adventure. I haven’t read any new adult stories like this, although I’m sure they exist, but I’m excited to find myself in uncharted waters all the same.

There are currently two books outlined for this series, but I’m sure that will change once I can dive back in and reacquaint myself with the characters.

Release: TBR

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